Fraunhofer IPK

Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology

Manufacturing Technologies

In the Manufacturing Technologies department we develop, engineer and adapt production and manufacturing technologies for the fabrication of innovative products.

On behalf of our customers, we develop new machines and processing strategies, optimize existing plant facilities and realize forward looking concepts for tools.

Our range of services covers all stages from consulting and planning, to realization and on-site implementation of plant and manufacturing technology.

Our overriding endeavor is to enhance our customers’ competitive edge through the excellence of the modular and systems solutions we deliver.


Our key areas of interest:

Machining technologies

  • Analysis of cutting processes
  • Adaptive cutting
  • Cutting tool development
  • Hard coatings for cutting tools
  • Rapid test methods for evaluation of cutting materials and tool coatings
  • Process technologies for cutting
  • Tool and component qualification
  • Cutting high performance materials

Fine Finishing

  • Precision machining of high performance ceramics
  • High speed and high performance face grinding with planetary kinematics
  • Ultra-efficient face and profile grinding with the speed stroke method
  • Economical polishing and deburring with flow grinding

Cleaning and Peening Technology

  • Blasting with Solid Carbon Dioxide
  • Cleaning with compressed carbon dioxide
  • Peening technology
  • Waterjet cutting

Generative Manufacturing Methods

  • Selective Laser Melting

Measurement techniques for production and machines

  • Measurement techniques for production and machines