Fraunhofer IPK

Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology

Welding Simulation

The experts at Fraunhofer IPK use state-of-the-art simulation software to examine the inner life of workpieces and detect the smallest changes before they can lead to serious consequences.

A sheet of metal comes from the press in perfect shape which it generally loses once welded. Manufacturers are only too well aware of the drastic consequences caused by distortion and residual stresses. Yet finding their source, the point in time and circumstances in which they occur and how they may be avoided requires either powers of detection to rival those of Sherlock Holmes – or a sophisticated welding simulation computer program. Fraunhofer IPK and BAM have a long and distinguished track record in the advanced development of such programs of truly immense benefit to our customers.

Yet reliable software simulation of welding processes is of great interest to research as well as industry. With such software, issues which otherwise would involve excessive outlay to recreate on the experimental level can now be resolved with significant cost and time savings.

Fraunhofer IPK now holds a pool of in-depth simulation expertise and a nigh unlimited variation range of virtual welding processes which we put at the disposal of our customers to pinpoint critical areas in their production processes and identify promising alternatives for them.