Fraunhofer IPK

Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology

Fields of Expertise

The Joining and Coating Technology division covers five fields of expertise all united in one common commitment: to make joining and coating economically effective and the joints safe and reliable.

Our fields of expertise are:

Laser Powder Cladding

From application of the technique for modification and repair of components to surface cladding to protect against service degradation.

Laser Beam and Hybrid Welding

High-speed welding of thick-walled components with excellent gap-bridging capability. Evaluation of welding properties of the material and the production safety of the seam.

Resistance Spot Welding

Production and evaluation of homogeneous and heterogeneous welding seams in steel and lightweight materials in terms of quality assurance under production-oriented conditions.

Arc Welding

From development and evaluation of techniques to construction of demonstrators and prototypes.

Welding Simulation

From optimization of structure temperature fields and distortion to assessment of the impact of geometric variations on residual stress.