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Project Office Brazil

As a regional branch of the Fraunhofer IPK Berlin the IPK Project Office Brazil realizes research, development and consulting projects for Brazilian companies, industry associations, NGOs and government bodies and builds cooperations and partnerships in the target country. Its focus lies on the application and customer-oriented adaptation of methods and solutions in the fields of innovation management, technology transfer and strategic planning, and on the needs and specific framework of the Brazilian industry.

Our goal is to promote systematic planning and implementation of innovations in Brazilian companies and institutions in order to increase the competitiveness of the industry and to strengthen German-Brazilian cooperation in the field of applied research. To achieve this goal, we aim at both, the enterprise and network level as well as at the regional and national level and focus the entire innovation process from the technological, organizational and market perspective up to and including the development of innovative business models.

We combine our innovative management methods that were developed in German and European research projects and successfully tested with the experience of numerous international projects for the development of regional innovation systems in emerging countries. On this basis, we offer customized solutions in the following areas:

  • innovation management in industrial and service companies
  • Strategic planning and management of research and development organizations
  • Setup and development of regional and national innovation systems
  • Development of Innovation & Technology projects and European-Brazilian research partnerships

Current information:

Your contact in Germany

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Kohl


  • Phone: +49 30 39006-234
  • Fax: +49 30 3932503
  • Holger Kohl

Your contact in Brazil

Dr.-Ing. Markus  Will