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Here we offer up-to-date information about the Corporate Management division for download:

Product and Project Leaflets

Here you can find our current product and project Leaflets as PDFs for download.

Knowledge Management

Information Center Benchmarking


  • Training Seminar for Best Practice Management, in German (PDF, 545 Kb)
  • Benchmarking, German version (PDF, 550 Kb), English version (PDF, 570 Kb)
  • Benchmarking for SME, German version (PDF, 1,2 Mb), English version (PDF, 1,1 Mb)
  • Benchmarking in the Public Sector, German version (PDF, 1,5 Mb), English version (PDF, 1,5 Mb)
  • Information Center Benchmarking, German version (PDF, 610 Kb), English version (PDF, 593 Kb)
  • KPI-Benchmarking for SME, German version (PDF, 299 Kb), English version (PDF, 310 Kb)
  • A Selection of Benchmarking References, German version (PDF, 363 Kb), English version (PDF, 131 Kb)
  • Sector Studies and Analyses, German version (PDF, 749 Kb)
  • Seminar on Basic Principles of Benchmarking, in German (PDF, 550 Kb)
  • Strategic Economic Planning, in English (PDF, 762 Kb)
  • The Benchmarking Code of Conduct, in German (PDF, 58 Kb)

Enterprise Logistics and Processes