Fraunhofer IPK

Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology

Business Process and Factory Management

An enterprise is composed of a variety of different processes. From ordering a pen to planning the entire production – nothing is possible without them. Only those who know and are able to manage their processes, have their enterprises under control. Processes are the connection between production plants, manpower, organizations and IT-systems. A fast and efficient coordination between them will determine the company’s success in view of the constantly changing requirements of technology, marketplaces and society.

The department „Enterprise Logistics and Processes“ develops methods, technologies and tools for the analyses, the design, implementation and operation of processes and their management with a focus on the manufacturing industry. On the basis of a shared modelling platform, we are able to synergize our expertise for each client concerning the following subjects:

  • Process-oriented management system and their application for business planning and control
  • Holistic production systems, including detailed planning for material flows and layouts
  • Cooperation- and innovation management especially for small and medium sized enterprises’ networks

Therefore, we are able to present you the newest outcomes of industrial research. In order to do so, we emphasize on the creativity and strength of communities so that our clients are able to exchange their views concerning model-based process management systems and to benefit from Best Practices in the day-to-day business.

For us, sustainability is not an empty slogan. On the basis of enterprise models, we are working on extending the economic transparency of process decisions to social and ecological criteria and help the employee as well as the manager to maintain an overview and to concentrate on what is most important for the respective tasks in the company. The solutions for contextual modelling developed during the last years are one step in the right direction and have successfully been used by our industry clients.