Fraunhofer IPK

Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology

Corporate Management

The Corporate Management division researches the development and implementation of innovative concepts for the design of service processes in enterprises, management, planning and control of industrial plants and corporate networks. We also develop techniques and software tools that support company planning and control in various industry and service branches.

A company’s success is not simply due to competitive products. The companies that lead the pack secure long-term, decisive competitive advantages by employing process innovations. These involve an enterprise’s product and service processes, as well as its planning and controlling processes. This applies to both production-oriented enterprises and service providers.

Our approach to these tasks is characterized by a holistic understanding of the enterprise, including its processes, products and customers, organizational structure and information technology, and suppliers and competitors. Our strength is our interdisciplinary approach. Our team of engineers, engineering managers, computer scientists, natural scientists and social scientists develop all-round solutions, from concept development through to implementation, where necessary using software. The division’s overall objective is effective, efficient and human-centered design of performance-related processes.