Fraunhofer IPK

Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology

Our Services: Consulting – Research – Development

We offer a wide range of tailor-made services for process automation and optimization, from the development and investigation of new technologies to their implementation and system integration for specific applications. We have many years of experience, especially in the automotive industry, machinery and plant engineering, and security technology.

Our Customers benefit from the following service portfolio:

Technology and methods consulting

Our focused technology consulting services help you identify and make the right choice of future technologies.

Potential analyses and surveys

We use product and technology-oriented feasibility studies, market monitoring, and trend analyses to investigate and evaluate the inherent potential of technologies and products.

Implementing new technologies

Our on-going, forward looking research and further development of our methods puts us in an excellent position to offer you fully comprehensive technological expertise and support you in the realization and roll-out of novel technologies in your own automated production.

Optimizing automated processes

On behalf of our clients, we implement on-track process and technology optimization that make your own automated processes more efficient and flexible.

Developing prototypes

We develop new systems on behalf of our customers and help them with process integration. You can also benefit from our experience in turning prototype systems into marketable products.


We have an extensive network of partners in science, economy, government authorities and politics. These contacts promote the constitution of strategic research and development collaborations for our customers.

Support with national and international research and development projects

We provide advance consultation for clients before entering into collaborative research and help them to identify suitable support programs and acquire the means needed to carry out the project.