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Current projects of the Automation Technology division:

Automation Technology - ST

ADIS: Pattern Recognition for Video Analysis

How can we prevent people in railway stations, busses and trains from becoming victims of violence?[more]

Automation Technology - ST

Assistance-based Virtual Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage

Knowledge, contracts, files, and art stored on paper can be lost, if the paper is deliberately or accidently torn or destroyed, while multidimensional cultural artifacts can be destroyed by processes of natural decay. Depending on the level of damage or decay, recomposition – if indeed at all possible – is highly time-consuming and requires a large outlay of human resources. If the outlay required is too high, thus far cultural artifacts and the information on documents have been deemed as irrevocably damaged or lost. This is where automated virtual reconstruction can prove to be a very flexible and useful tool. To make even more effective use of the technologies for the conservation and reconstruction of cultural and social artifacts and documents, scientists at Fraunhofer IPK are developing assistance-based reconstruction systems that engage with the know-how of experts in the reconstruction process and enable the physical reconstruction of cultural artifacts. [more]

Automation Technology - ST

Automated Virtual Reconstruction of Ripped Stasi Files

Fraunhofer IPK first began research and development in the areas of digitalization and reconstruction of damaged and destroyed documents in the mid 1990s. In April 2007, Fraunhofer IPK was commissioned by the Procurement Office of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) with a pilot project for the development of a method for the virtual reconstruction of the ripped files of the former German Democratic Republic’s Secret Security Service (Stasi). The pilot phase was set for a period of four years during which 400 sacks out of over 15,000 sacks of ripped documents should be processed.[more]

Automation Technology - ST


Software that traces child pornography[more]

Automation Technology

Inspection of Optical Glass

Quality assurance for pharmaceutical and technical glass tubes through automatic optical full examination[more]

Automation Technology - ST

The Historical Archive of the City of Cologne Project

March 3rd 2009 marked a major cultural disaster as it was the day when the six storey building of the Historical Archive of the City of Cologne collapsed together with its two neighboring buildings. A thousand years of cultural history lay in ruins and around 90 percent of the archive was buried under the rubble. At the time of its collapse, the Cologne City Archive was the largest municipal archive in Germany, housing countless documents, many of which were 1000 years old, as well as charters, council deliberations and manuscripts of inestimable historical value. [more]

Automation Technology - ST

Reconstructing Shredded Documents

The system for automated virtual reconstruction developed by Fraunhofer IPK is not just applicable to computer-assisted reconstitution of digital images of torn or damaged documents. With its help, documents that have passed through a shredding machine can also be reconstituted or made readable. Shredded documents consist exclusively of nearly identical strips of paper which means that manual reconstruction, even if possible, is a very laborious and time-consuming process. [more]

Automation Technology - ST

Secure Mobile Identity

For Safe, Flexible and User Friendly Access to Company Data[more]