Fraunhofer IPK

Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology

Research and Development

The Virtual Production Creation division develops forward-looking technologies, methods and organizational concepts that offer companies all-round support for product creation from the original product idea, product development and simulation to production planning and the digital factory. Our main goal is to achieve complete digitization of the product creation process.

Our fields of research cover:

Product Development Methods and Processes

The increasing complexity of today’s technical systems demands methods and processes that can be applied to interdisciplinary and cross-company collaborative environments. Yet essential interchangeability and standardization of product and process models is still not sufficiently assured in such fields as digital development methodology, systems engineering for mechatronic systems development, multidisciplinary development of product service systems (PSS), or maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). Against this backdrop, our research focus in this field is on enhancing the broad applicability of development methods and processes. Click here to learn more about our work in this field.  


Product Design and Functional Validation

Our research work focuses on system modeling (specifications, system architectures, functional models, geometries etc.), analysis of product attributes across the product development cycle, and stage by stage evaluation of product functions with their defined specifications. Our activities are based on the development of virtual modeling and validation methods and the various tools they require. Click here to read more about projects and specific themes in this field of research.


Intuitive Interaction with Virtual Prototypes

In no small measure successful introduction of new technologies and tools to industry depends on the simplicity of the given interaction technologies. In view of the broad array of potential users – who could be anyone from development engineers to managers or simple end users – particular care is required in the development of user interfaces. Yet proper account is still not taken of the multitude of possibilities offered by modern interaction technologies like virtual reality, multitouch interaction or tangible interaction. We aim to develop new interaction technologies for the tools used in virtual product creation – tools that are efficient and fun to use. Click here to read more about themes and issues in this field of research.  


Information Management for Product Creation

Information management is the warranty for a coherent information flow across the whole product lifecycle. It ensures feedback of information into the early development phases, enables interdisciplinary, cross-company collaboration and guarantees the perfect consistency of distributed information. Click here to read more about user-transparent, context-sensitive information management.


Methods of Digital Production and Factory Processes

The focus here is on digital planning methods and technologies for production processes and their efficient integration in virtual product creation. In terms of virtual product creation, the spotlight here is on interplay between planning and development processes whereby particular note is taken of the variety of different planning disciplines and methods and their integration in the information flow. Click here to read more about themes and issues in this field of research.