Fraunhofer IPK

Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology


The quality of products and services is an increasing competitive factor. There has to prevail a clear line in the company, from the leadership and strategy concerning the product and process quality to structural quality, to create added value for the company. This is ensured by systematic analysis of the effectiveness of quality management processes.

The EU defined the "20-20-20 energy targets", which provide a reduction of various emission values and increasing energy efficiency by 20% to the end of 2020. So it is necessary to establish energy management systems, since they are an appropriate tool to identify potential savings. Therefore we offer for example the implementation of energy consumption analyzes or the formation of energy teams.

Today companies are operating in an environment of increasing complexity and an increased competitive pressure. Risks as well as opportunities are thus existent in all product life phases. It requests a preventive risk and opportunity management. Also in the field of quality management is an explicit consideration of risks and opportunities as part of the ISO 9001: 2015 indispensable.

In order to meet the increasing legal requirements to protect employees and the environment, a process-oriented integrated management system can be created. For this purpose, quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management systems are merged into one. We support you in planning, designing and implementing management systems that are ready for certification, and make a contribution to increasing the competitiveness of your company.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services for the effective and efficient development of a company-wide key performance indicator system from consulting services and development to roll-out.

Public administration is under constant pressure to make legally compliant decisions whilst also cutting operational costs and keeping closely attentive to the needs of customers and citizens. These goals can only be achieved by ensuring the maximum degree of efficiency and transparency.

Due to globalization with all its facets, the requirements for quality management in global companies are increasing. This study provides an overview of the actual state of quality management in global manufacturing companies. It identified challenges, revealed potential for success and best-practice solutions have been won.

Since the issue of energy management is becoming increasingly important due to rising energy prices and the energy turnaround in Germany, in this study companies were interviewed on the subjects’ energy efficiency and management. In this regard, selected targets and barriers were examined in order to promote the dissemination of EnMS and to facilitate the implementation.